26 Jul 2019

TPH partners with #AddAnotherZero Campaign

We are pleased to announce our partnership with TPH.

Our partnership stemmed from the discovery of our shared vision for the next generation. We agreed that for youth to succeed, a greater focus needed to be placed on learning life skills.

As it stands, youth are exhibiting poor financial literacy, a trend that must end. For that reason, we are excited to see financial literacy being emphasized at the High School level. However, there is still lots of work to be done to reduce the gap in financial literacy in Canada.  

TPH is a Canadian printing company dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions to their community. Their Charity wing, TPH Charitable Office’s commitment to giving back to the community aligns with our efforts to help youth level up.

Thank you to TPH for joining our cause and for your dedication to helping youth level up.

Last year, we helped 1,000 kids with their personal finance skills. This year, we will #AddAnotherZero and help 10,000!

We are very excited to see the product of our efforts at TMI19 on July 31st, where we will be bringing together Toronto’s top 1% in support of Financial Literacy.   

Purchase your Exclusive Party tickets at TMI19.com!