Advisory Board

Andrew O’born

Andrew is the Vice President of Business Development at TPH.

Outside of this role, he is also involved in his family’s new ventures in Rosemont, Ontario. This includes, The Globe Restaurants and the Rosemont General Store. With a passion for philanthropy, Andrew has actively supported a wide range of Canadian-based causes, within the community. Further, Andrew’s wealth of experience with the O’born Family Foundation, which accumulated $1.4 million in funding last year, has been invaluable to TMI’s short and long-term growth strategies.

Amer Sabanadzovic

Amer is the President of Revolution Capital – Canada’s leading provider of factoring services.

He has made several successful investments in multiple industries, including, indoor agriculture, blockchain, and prepaid credit cards. Amer’s passion for giving back to the community, has translated into a particular focus on increasing youth financial literacy. His ability to raise awareness and fundraise during the 2019 #AddAnotherZero Campaign has been instrumental in achieving the primary goal of impacting 10,000 youth this year.

Annie Mirza

Annie is the Principal Broker at Mortgagepedia.

Her early career success working with realtors and lenders alike, catapulted her to the top of the mortgage industry. Today, she has offices in Mississauga and Toronto and has brokered over $100 million for clients.

As one of the early supporters of TMI, Annie has been a cornerstone to the event’s successful impact. This year, Annie has been a highly captivating speaker at three youth workshops, engaging with over 200 students on the topics of credit and money management.

Loren Shifrin

Loren is the founder and CEO of Revolution Capital – one of the largest privately held factoring companies in Canada.

He is a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in finance and alternative lending. His investment portfolio spans across multiple industries from transportation to QSR. He is always looking for opportunities to invest in good people and start-up opportunities with growth potential. Loren’s expertise has been critical in ensuring the tournament’s scalability and long-term sustainability.

Anthony Ferrari

Anthony Ferrari is Co-Founder and President of Crimson Asset Management Ltd.

Mr. Ferrari is the current Chair of The Advisory Board at Cornell University’s Program in Infrastructure Policy (“CPIP”), one of the leading infrastructure investment-focused academic centers in the world. He is also a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s Global Projects Center. Anthony’s vast experience in board and governance has been tremendously valuable to the growth of the TMI community.

Tav Malhotra

Tav is the Founder and President at Mansha Financial.

With encouragement from his confidante, Tav co-founded TMI in 2017. His mission was to transform the way youth learn about money. With a 30+ year career in finance, business, and entrepreneurship, he saw TMI as a transcendent platform for essential knowledge transfer in finance.

As a philanthropist, he was the Founder and Chairman of the Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament and Co-founder of the Trillium Diwali Gala – which have collectively raised millions of dollars for various charities over the years, under his leadership.

Tav’s ability to mobilize his prolific network and experience in finance and fundraising has been instrumental to TMI’s rapid growth.

Jag Malhotra (Chairman)

Jag is the VP of Strategic Growth at Mansha Financial.

He recognized the absence of essential financial knowledge in today’s school curriculum and was determined to work with Tav on closing this gap. Today, as Co-founder of TMI and Chairman of the Board, Jag’s responsibilities range from selection of board members to the execution of the Board’s strategic vision, and oversight of charitable programming.

A graduate of the University of Waterloo, Jag was asked to give a TEDx talk on the theme of collaboration. His thought leadership and approach to building highly effective teams and partnerships is critical to the Invitational achieving its goal of impacting 10,000 youth this year.


– Mandate –

To grow the Invitational’s capacity and subsequently, impact on young people’s lives. Last year, we helped 1,000 youth feel more confident in their financial knowledge. The Advisory Board’s objective is to help TMI #AddAnotherZero and impact 10,000 youth this year.

– Accountability –

The Board oversees the allocation of funding towards programming to ensure the money goes in the right place. It also ensures values of honesty, integrity, and transparency are adhered to by the organization.

– Responsibility –

As gatekeepers of the TMI community, The Board is responsible for extending invites to new and existing partners and attendees.

– Eligibility –

The criteria for board member selection includes, experience in finance, organizational structure, philanthropy, and at least, a gold partner status.